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Buffets In Dubai

Buffets In Dubai
August 23, 2021

The United Arab emirates most especially Dubai is known for its extravagant lifestyle and curious tourist attractions. The talks of people who live or have visited Dubai always make you want to book a plane ticket there the very next hour.

Now, even though Dubai boast of all these luxurious lifestyles you might have seen, read, or heard, there is always something that makes Dubai a happy home of most and that is the vast display of Restaurants in the country. Due to Dubai being heavily populated by expats, you could easily find any dish on the continent here. Yes! You read that right. So the question is What are you craving for? French cuisine, American burgers? Chinese sushi? Pakistani or Indian cuisine? Or you are just in for BBQs? either way, the innumerable restaurants in Dubai have it all.

One of the most common dilemmas of all in all these when planning to dine-out is whether to go for an A la carte or a buffet

Despite both having their pros and cons, restaurants are bending towards buffet services in Dubai. No wonder why almost all the big or medium-sized restaurants in the city are providing this facility. Why is this so you may be wondering, but the answer lays in the very nature of we humans always wanting more which is then that buffets grants you access to unlimited food at a reasonable rate, or at least a rate lower than an À la carte.

Each year many Pakistanis come to Dubai as tourists and hence so many restaurants serving Pakistani Cuisines in Dubai. If you are fond of Pakistani foods then you must be wondering what famous Pakistani cuisines are being offered by the many restaurants in Dubai.

If we look at the constituents of a dinner and lunch buffet meal in a Barbecue Restaurant, the starters will typically include 3 to 4 dishes, both vegetarian & non-vegetarian depending on individual preferences. Whereas the main course generally includes two gravy preparations and two more preparations to complement it –e.g., Flame and Grill starters include a variety of kebabs, and the main course may include a biryani and some meat preparations. However, the dessert has a standardized look to it for most of the restaurants in the city.

If you are new in Dubai and looking for good Pakistani or North Indian cuisines then make that stop at any of the branches of Barbecue Delights. You will not have the dilemma of having to choose what to eat on the menu as Barbecue Delights are widely known for their economical buffets with cuisines mostly Pakistani, Afghani, and North Indian. Below are some of the cuisines you will be eating at Barbecue Delights’ exquisite buffets.

  1. Nihari

This dish is close to my heart when it comes to Pakistani cuisine. As it is prepared with a lot of spices frying in vegetable oil and animal fat. The meat ingredients follow (commonly beef shank), and a Desi Ghee (local clarified butter).  The stew is cooked slowly in a glorious cauldron of a pot.  The ultra-tender meat chunks literally float in desi ghee. It is garnished with spice green chilies and squeezed fresh lime or two.

  1. Haleem

Haleem is an awe-inspiring dish made from a combination of local wheat varieties, barley and chana or chickpeas. It is prepared at low heat in an earthly pot for prolonged cooking to give it a warm, home-cooked flavor. To prepare it fried onions, mint leaves, green chilies, dry chilies’, and spices are used. Its flavor is so good that simply eating it with roti or nan can leave you content throughout the day.

  1. Mutton Korma

Mutton korma is one of the classic dishes famous from Pakistan’s Himalayas to the bottom of the Indian Sub-Continent. It is hearty and rich, including incredibly tender chunks of goat or sheep meat, and a blend of dark and red spices added to enhance the taste. You must try this Pakistani dish as it happens to be different from the rest of the items.

  1. Biryani

Biryani may look like a dish of Pulao, but it is not the case as both are actually quite different.  Biryani is prepared from Pre-steamed rice layered into a massive vessel, each time shifted over with dry spice combinations of cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, and turmeric. A final layer of toppings, usually carrots or peanuts served with a few strips of meat. When each layer is added individually, there is no stirring or mixing of the ingredients of the rice until it is finally served on your plate. It is usually served with raita (light yogurt).

  1. Kabuli Pulao

Pulao is generally made from basmati rice, It is fried in oil and large amounts of dry spices, but typically the spices are milder as compared to the biryani. Most often, there will be a chunk of mutton or beef meat at the heart of this amazing dish.

Saffron is used to giving the rice its unique color. Cloves of cardamom and golden sultana raisins give it a beautifully sweet aroma, sometimes it may also include peanuts as a garnish.

  1. Tikka Kebab

Tikka kebab is one of the foremost foods on the minds of anyone belonging to Central Asia. Tikka is a different variety of ‘kebab’, the main thing being it is made from large chunks of marinated meat (Kebab meat is minced, seasoned, and then formed onto the skewer by hand). It finds its origin from the nomadic herders all the way to the present day mega city Barbecue Restaurants. This is one dish that is all time hit especially in this part of the world.

  1. Gulab Jamun

It is one of the most famous desserts among Pakistanis and Indians. Traditionally these are made from khoya or milk powder, sugar, rose water, and cardamom powder.  It is a part of every celebration among these people.

  1. Lassi

This food beverage is usually enjoyed after the meals; you can enjoy it any time of the day especially after breakfast and lunch. It comes in two variations ‘sweet lassi’ or ‘salted lassi’ sometimes a fruit like a mango could be added to enhance the flavor.

Barbecue Delights is one of the most popular restaurants serving Pakistani and North Indian Cuisines in Dubai

Even after the popularity Barbecue Delights has gained after opening up business here in Dubai, it is astonishing to know how their service and quality of food hasn’t deterred a bit. Barbecue Delights has overtaken many restaurants, in recent times as the numero uno in grilled or roasted food servings in the city.

The restaurant offers special discounts for Suhoor and Iftaar meals during Ramadan.

Barbecue Delights has three main branches in the city where you can enjoy amazing food with your family and friends.

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