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Best Catering Services in Dubai

Best Catering Services in Dubai
November 10, 2021

Be it a corporate event, a birth party, wedding reception, or any other event the success of the event more or less depends upon the catering services. Good food and quality catering service always leave a great impression on the minds of the people. So it becomes all the more important for you to choose the best in class caterers to make your special event a big hit.

Barbecue delights provide one of the finest catering services in Dubai. Here are some of the reasons why they are the best in their class.

1. Vast Experience

They have vast experience in providing catering services for all big or small birthdays, reception parties, corporate events, and much more. They also help you decide the best menu as per your budget and needs. Be it an outdoor party or indoor catering. They offer the best catering services for events ranging from 50 to 1000 persons.

This includes the following types of events:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthday Parties/Anniversary Parties
  • Iftar Parties
  • Private Parties
  • Yacht Events
  1. Barbecue Delights offers multiple cuisines for catering events to their clients. It offers a whole range of Pakistani, Afghani, North Indian, Chinese, Western, Arabic & Far Eastern cuisines. It has more than 60 cuisines on its menu list to choose from. It serves a whole variety of tasty and delicious Dinner and lunch Buffet some of the most sought after dishes in their menu include Pakistani cuisines like Fried Haleem, Beef Nihari, Mutton Karahi, and Biryani and Indians foods Chhole Bhature, Palak Paneer, Chicken Tikka and mouth-watering desserts like galub jamun and ice creams with all the flavors that you can imagine.

You have the option to choose your very own list of items in Dinner and lunch Buffet.


  • Shami Kabab : Fried patty of mince chicken with ground chickpeas and spices.
  • Traditional Raita : Yoghurt deep seasoned with roasted cumin, coriander, and mint
  • Vegetable Samosa: Delicious savory parcels stuffed with spiced potato mash

Grilled Kebabs

  • Reshmi Kebab : Minced Chicken mixed with green chilies, coriander & onion served with tamarind sauce.
  • Shami Kabab : Fried patty of minced beef, with ground chickpeas and spices
  • Chicken Behari Kebab : Soft and tender strips of chicken marinated in red chilies, cumin, coriander, ginger, and garlic.
  • Fish Tikka : Boneless pieces of fresh marinated in red chilies, ginger & garlic.

Main Course

  • Butter Chicken: Succulent chicken with bone served in a creamy sauce laced with butter.
  • Chicken Karahi: Succulent chicken with bone cooked in a tomato gravy with green chilies, black pepper, tomatoes, and other ground spices.
  • Beef Nihari: Boneless pieces of Beef Shank, slow-cooked in a special blend of herbs and spices.
  • Kadhai Paneer: Cottage cheese in semi-dry preparation finished with coriander seeds.
  • House Daal: Lentils seasoned with garlic, ginger, and special spices.

Rice dishes

  • Biryani: Long grained basmati rice flavored with exotic spices layered with a choice of chicken, mutton, and vegetable.
  • Kabuli Pulao: Flavorful chunks of lamb cooked and steamed in a combination of rice, browned onions & garnished with almonds, raisins, and carrots.


All breads are made by hand and baked to order in a clay tandoor. Plain naan, whole wheat naan, garlic naan, tandoori paratha, chicken, and mutton qeema naan.


  • Badami Kheer: Rice pudding made by boiling milk with sugar and rice and topped with chopped nuts.
  • Gulab Jamun: It is made from khoya or milk powder, sugar, rose water, and cardamom powder.

Barbeque is well known for its quality catering services throughout the city. It has a team of professionals who know the art of serving guests and offering delicacies. The staff is very polite and friendly and is always eager to assist you in case of any issue.

4. Health and Safety

They provide special attention to the cleanliness, health, and safety of their customers and their own staff. Considering the current COVID situations. All the employees strictly follow the guidelines or protocols issued by the government from time to time. The hotel staff makes sure regular use of sanitizers and disinfectants, temperature check etc. They are also being monitored for any COVID symptoms on a regular basis.

We are one of the best caterers in the town; the same is evident from our client base that includes corporate entities as well as private customers. We have served high profiles events and brands such as;

  • Pakistan Super League
  • Dubai Sports City
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Dewa
  • Coca Cola
  • Abraaj Capital

In current times, no one has the time or patience to go out and eat their favorite meal. But now you have the option to order Pakistani, Afghani, and North Indian cuisine right from the comfort of your home.

You can place your order online on the given websites.